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Full - Quarter-Zip

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Some clothes never go out of fashion or out of your heart. You just want to keep them close coz no matter how many years you have snuggled in them…they never grow old for you. One such piece is a full quarter zip sweatshirt…no matter what the weather is, you will always find a colleague or a few classmates wearing it as they are perennial and never will be bore for you. You will be spoiled for options this winter as we have a pool of awesome color sweatshirts to choose from,

I bet you’ll adore our hooded sweatshirts! Delicate colors do have a lot to say especially when the world seems frozen and silent; all you need to break the boredom is bring some splash in your clothing and see how the same old dull world lightens up before your eyes. Classy snowy whites to lush overall green to interesting grey-green combo to sky hue blue, you are gonna love our sweatshirts like never before. I am going to tell you my mantra and that says…Basic is new hip! If you don’t believe me, try some basic sweatshirts from oasistees.com and turn around in style as you will be the new trend setter in your gang coz simple is cool and you got what it takes to bring back basics.

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